Wednesday, August 19, 2009

YouTube How Fantastic you can go all over the world!

Before I really understood what you tube was all about I was actually spelling it u-tube in google and was trying to work out why it would never come up. Now I know!

This is such a new way of hooking students in either for a 5 minute filler or a quick hook to the introduction of a lesson. It just goes to show how sitting in a classroom you can manage to take the students all the way across the other side of the world just by sitting in their seats.

Teachers and Learning Managers do however need to be very careful and NEVER show a youtube clip live without ever viewing it in private before, incase of any problems such as explicit language or scenes. Teacher tube is another great resource that can be great for Teachers and Learning Managers to share clips and download clips that they believe will be useful in the classroom.

Teachers always need to make sure before showing the clip they need to make sure it is fully buffered before they try and watch it with the class or it will cause class disruption while trying to load and could be hard to bring class back on task.

Youtube is a great resource to be able to have in the classroom as all you need to do is think of a topic and type what you would like the children to watch a clip about in the search menu and then all the searches will come up.

Today I searched for a clip about what my current year 4 class are doing in their unit. Inventors and inventions is the unit of work they are currently working on. A clip on Thomas Eddison - inventor of the light bulb is a very interesting and a great hook for the students to watch for the commencement to the unit of work.
Will keep you all posted how it all goes.

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