Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Podcasts what the..

Before this assignment and after making myself get on the internet and search for all of these useful web tools I have found Podcasts to be really different.

I really had know idea that you could do all of this teaching by letting children and teachers sit and listen on the computer to the podcasts. However when I was downloading the k to 12 educational podcasts I did find the Stories for kids (learning comprehension) was really boring and painful. I could just imagine children loosing focus listening to the boring monotone reader of this book. Where was the fun and change of voice for each character, BORING!!
I myself am a visual learner and know that I would have no chance watching and comprehending what was being read to me and only seeing on picture in the whole entire story. Then the questions at the end of course were comprehension but could have been changed a little to make it more interesting.

On a positive note Podcasts used correctly can be a very useful resource for teachers to have. They would be able to create and share their casts to other people around the world.

Podcasts can be created from original material by students and teachers or existing audio files can be downloaded for classroom use.

Creating a podcast allows students to share learning experiences. It provides them with a world-wide audience that makes learning meaningful and assessment authentic. Teachers can use the technology to provide additional and revision material to students to download and review at a time that suits them. The flexibility that such time-shifting offers makes podcasting a valuable educational tool.

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