Tuesday, August 18, 2009

google reader

Google Reader is a RSS which is a good form of sourceful information filtered when looking up using key words for example "education". It can be a useful tool in the classroom as rss is a filtered safe internet site and can be monitored closely by educators and it also has links to useful internet sites that can be uploaded by teachers.

RSS is short for 'Really Simple Syndication' but sometimes known as 'Rich Site Summary' which is a family of web fed formats used to publish frequently up dated blogs. RSS could be used in schools for students and teachers to be able to keep up to date on the specific web pages and current news events that they are interested in.

RSS users have the advantage of security by not having to search for their favourite websites and signing up for newsletters, saving them time and making it very convient for them.
I have found a great link that has all information required for all information necessary on RSS and the positive reasons to have it in the classroom or office. http://www.whatisrss.com/


  1. Hey Nell,

    I found this to be really confusing tool at first and to understand how I can use this in the classroom. However, as I explored its use, I found that it is actually really helpful.

    I suppose it would be helpful for teachers as they would be able to censor the websites that they are receiving feeds from before showing the students.

    Talk soon
    Mel :)

  2. Hi Mel

    That was kinda of what I was thinking too, It is going to be so hard to work out which ones I will use when I am in my own classroom.
    Unfortunatley this course has not allowed majority of students to think they have enough time to go through thoroughly each and every tool to fully understand.

    Anyway talk soon
    Nell :-)