Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Classmarker No more pens or paper!!!

What a new way of saving time and money on the resources and cost of paper and ink to mark students work in the classroom.

There are so many choices to make when using classmarker such as multiple choice,multiple responses, free text, true and false answers, punctuation and essay style assessment.

There are two types of Classmarker one which is the simple basic one for beginners and the other is for professional workers requiring more indepth responses to answers for adult employees or university students. Classmarker has been designed not only for Teachers in the classroom to create quizzes for their students but further more for businesses giving aptitude tests, external uses, long distance education programs and much more. (Classmarker, 2009)

This is going to be a great tool to implement for teachers and Learning Managers to save time and all they need to do is register their students free of charge with a password to allow them access.

The resources for this program are amazing as the students can be given the correct information to incorrect answers on the spot so they understand where they went wrong. The results will then be recorded against the students name and is then more than likely able to be put into a assessment bank to keep track of the cohort. Learning Managers are then able to further see the duration of time taken for the test. Teachers have the option to save these tests so they can be used again and again.

While experiencing this wonderful useful resource I was able to create my own quick quiz on exploring the different noises animals make in a multiple choice quiz.
I look forward to implementing this resource for the end of my unit that I am currently working on in my second year classroom placement.

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