Thursday, August 20, 2009

File Storage (to store files maybe)

Mediafire seems to be the file storage of the technological era. I am not sure of how secure this site actually is however it would be an incrediable answer for people that have computer dramas. Like when you are half way through an assignment and your computer just crashes, by uploading your assessment or any other piece of work to mediafire you are able to pick it up anywhere in the world through the internet. What a great back up plan for any dramas that you may encounter!!

Mediafire has been designed to store and share files and pictures, music and videos into either secure folders or to view with the public or selected users. What a great communication resource for working methodology. Teachers across the year level can share jobs to half the work load by each doing one or two of the units of work needed for the term of school.

This is a free downloadable resource that I will be using from now on to save me from stressing over whether my computer will wake up and turn on everymorning or have I lost everything.

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