Thursday, August 20, 2009

Music is the best in Classrooms

In the popular film School of Rock, Jack Black, who is a substitute teacher in a fifth grade class, introduces music to the learning for his students as they really were not interested in having any fun and abide rules at all times. Jack was really upset to see this happening (little kids not having any joy in life) so he decided to bring his electric guitar in and sing a well know Led Zebblin song and showed the students how they could still learn through music.

In my classroom today my Teacher will not go a day without making sure music is put on during reading time with real classical slow music to wind children down. When it is drama time children will have fast pace rock and roll however need to be very careful of the lyrics.

I was blowen away in a lecturer a few weeks ago when we were discussing about plagarism and how easy it is to break copyright rules. By simply playing a burnt CD in a school could see you being charged for plagarism. Because I have not bought the rights to be allowed to play this to my students. This is why limewire and other programs were made illegal.

But why are CD and DVD burners still being installed in our hard drives?

My classroom will always have music on at special times of the day. Along my journey I have started collecting CD's from different countries like Ireland, Venice, Germany so when it is time for me to play them maybe even to help with my unit of work if we are talking of cultures or countries which would fit in perfectly.
Music sets the mood, it is a natural thing to listen to and so many talented people learn through listening and singing to lyrics.
Babies and Toddlers learn the differences between fast and slow moves with their body just by listening to the beat of the music. This also has a massive impact of the gross motor skills and thier co ordination which teaches them for a life time.

I have selected this piece of music that I liked when looking through Incompetech
consisting of and getting children to hear for the sounds of guitar, bass, kit, saxes and piano. This music is a 1950's era peppy rock piece with a nice brushed drum work. Piano solo is sort of bluesy. It is bouncy, bright and uplifting.

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