Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Life of Wetpaint (Wiki)

Wow I created my own wiki. I created my wiki using Wetpaint and feel that it could be a useful tool in the classroom. The cohort could be involved in the making and creating of a particular topic that students may be looking at for a unit of work. Photos can be added and even sorted into photo albums. Students are able to log in and create new pages outside of school, could be useful for homework.

Strict security measures are in place to protect who can see and share the information on the wiki pages. This must be authorised by the creator of the wiki pages and members can be invited or join.

As educause explain wikis offer a powerful yet flexible collaborative communication
tool for developing content-specific Web sites. Because wikis grow and evolve as a direct result of people adding material to the site, they can address a variety of pedagogical needs—student
involvement, group activities, and so on. Since wikis reside on the Internet, students can access and participate from any location, provided they have Internet access.
Wikis are also creative and incorporate sound, movies and pictures and could become a simple tool to create multimedia presentations and simple digital stories.

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