Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Google Earth - Oh my Goodness!!!

I can see where I live how cool is that!! Except when I looked it was night time so I could not see anything except a black screen.

Google Earth is a free, downloadable application that works as a browser for all sorts of information on Earth. It uses satellite imagery to grab, spin, pan, tilt
and zoom down to any place on Earth.

Students can explore every corner of the globe, measure distances, create their own virtual tours, and share their tours with others. You can also create and download layers of information and view them in geographic context. (WestED n.d.)

Endless reasons for using google earth for students, here are some I have listed:
• study natural and political maps
• learn map reading and navigation
• visually explore historical, news, and census data
• annotate locations and share with others
• create their own 3D models to overlay on maps
• download geographically-referenced information created by others. (WestED n.d.)

When I google earthed my house I really thought it was going to be an updated satelite giving me the information, but was really disappointed it was not the case as we have been recently been doing renovations to the yard and our new fence is not yet visible on google earth.

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