Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wikipedia Oh Dear!!!

I am really not sure why we are being told to investigate and use this resource, dont get me wrong it can be a great resource however it also can really confuse children and even adults if they are not sure of slightly what something means.

Wikipedia is open to the wide world web meaning it is open to every human that has access to the internet. As a university student the very first start to my first term I was told by a lecturer never ever rely or use Wikipedia you must always refer to a viable source such as org, edu website.

Wikipedia is useful due to the links that they have in a word example if I look up what my class is currently working on (inventors) I type in thomas eddison I then get up the information for him and come across the word in blue (inventors) if I click on that link it takes me to a new screen that defines inventors for me.

Learning Matters! so should Wikipedia be used as a viable source in the classroom? I am not convinced however someone throughout these blogs may change my mind.

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