Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Flickr how cool is that! I actually had to get off this site as I kept looking for new pictures to add but knew if I didn't I would not get the rest of this assignment completed.

Flickr is a great tool for children to be able to upload pictures for presentation needs or simply checking and sharing with other students what they have discovered or photographed.

Flickr’s use in education settings is not without concern. This is a huge open system with users uploading any and all types of imagery. Especially in schools, caution should be used when searching specific topics and a discussion with students about what should take place when inappropriate imagery is located must be spoken about before flickr is used. It may be a case of being closely monitored at school only as alot of filters are in place in school computers to stop inappropriate items to be discovered. (

Jakes online states Flickr contains imagery that can be used in every aspect of teaching to help develop visual literacy skills, and in the process, help students understand intellectual property rights, while contributing greatly to a host of learning applications.

Flickr is associated with RSS and is mainframed by a yahoo account. This program may not be the correct one in the classroom for children to learn about as there are alot of risks associated to this web resource.

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  1. Where oh where is my picture of the Siberian Husky gone?